Leonard Kalishenko and Associates Limited - Structural Engineers

Our company had been formed in 1982 to provide a complete range of structural engineering services encompassing total design work, supervision, investigation and evaluation. Since inception, our mandate has been, and continues to be, the quest for providing, to our clients, the highest quality of service. This service includes the maximum amount of attention and co-ordination by the principal of the firm, who is himself reinforced by a exceedingly capable group of engineers and designers who maintain a tremendous measure of office and field experience.

Leonard Kalishenko, P.Eng, has overseen more than 2000 projects and offers more than 35 years of qualified consulting and structural design and engineering expertise. He is a member of the Professional Engineering Associations of Ontario, British Columbia, Sskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Manitoba. As a principle, Leonard Kalishenko provides personal involvement in every project.

Our firm employs a team of individuals with many years of structural design and engineering experience amongst them. With an excellent understanding of codes and standards, our design teamís output has been, and remains an integral part of achieving our mandate for excellence in design, coordination, and project management. Our staff, have helped us achieve a reputation for excellence by servicing every aspect of our clients requirements, and insuring punctuality (in delivering our services on and under budget, and deadline), precision (in our design and consulting), and personalization (ensuring that every project has the direct involvement of our key principal.)

As an engineering group, our involvement in the construction industry has included all aspects of structural design, co-ordination and management in the following areas:

- Commercial Building
- Industrial Structures
- Office Developments
- Residential Edifices
- Institution Compositions