Leonard Kalishenko and Associates Limited - Structural Engineers

For more than 25 years, Leonard Kalishenko & Associates has been at the forefront of the construction industry serving as on of Canada's most proficient structural engineering consultancies. Over this span, we have gained a reputation for excellence in servicing every aspect of our clients' requirements, whether they be architectural firms, contractors, property managers/owners, or developers alike.

From inception, our mandate has been to continually deliver services that are premised on our three core values: PRECISION - In the design and consulting service that we provide. PUNCTUALITY - In delivering our services, on and under both budget and deadline. PERSONALIZATION - In ensuring that every project has the direct involvement of our key personnel, and firm principal.

Our values have allowed Leonard Kalishenko & Associates to make a meaningful and sustainable impression on our profession as well as on our industry. Our reputation for excellence is exemplified in the structures that we are responsible for and the relationships that we have crafted. We are proud to have worked side by side with some of the leading names in Canada's construction and property business and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.